Former Sheridan School Employees Win Suit

Cheyenne, Wy – Two former Sheridan administrators who believe they were not rehired by the Sheridan school district two because of their sexual orientation have won their case against the district.
A federal jury awarded Kathleen Milligan Hitt nearly 48 thousand dollars and Kathryn Roberts 172 thousand dollars after the jury ruled that school district violated their right of equal protection. Hitt was an assistant Principal in the District and Roberts a Principal. But when the school district consolidated schools they say they were not rehired because they were lesbians. In closing arguments this week the attorney for the school district said that the two only alleged a conspiracy theory. But the Jury thought differently. The attorney for the two educators .Pat Hacker says it sends a message that people sometimes don't want to hear, that people must be treated fairly in the workplace. The Wyoming Education Association issued a statement saying that the verdict vindicates the rights of Hitt and Roberts. They say the WEA supports of the rights of its members to be treated fairly under the law.