Former utility exec touts his experience for mayor job

Cheyenne, Wyo. – The former chief executive of a power company says his business experience makes him the strongest candidate in the race to be Cheyenne's next mayor. Rick Kaysen is the retired CEO of Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power. The company services southeast Wyoming.

"A lot of people will perhaps not agree with this, but I think city municipal government is similar to business," Kaysen said. "The foundation of both the energy industry I was in and the city government is service," he added.

Kaysen says his experience will help move economic development forward in Cheyenne. But some residents said they would not vote for Kaysen because of his ties to the utility. They say he should have done more to curb the rising cost of electricity. Kaysen is running against Jayne Mockler, a state senator who has served in the legislature since 1993.