Forslund: Hopeful About Future Funds For Local Gov't

Casper, WY – Leaders of local governments in Wyoming all seem quite pleased with how they were treated by the State Legislature this year. In the budget, cities, towns, and counties are getting more then a $57 Million infusion of cash. The additional revenue going from the state to the local level is not permanent, but the legislature will be studying the future needs of cities, towns, and counties. Casper City Manager Tom Forslund says he's hopeful that long-term answers will be found, based on what he saw this session. He says there was more discussion on local governments then any session he'd seen before and it wasn't a matter of educating legislators on what they needed, but finding ways to address the needs. Casper has faced million dollar-plus budget shortfalls over the last two fiscal years. Forslund says that didn't result in layoffs, like in other towns, but they needed money from city reserves to keep that from happening. Going forward, he says their needs are too great to use this new money to replenish their reserves.