Fraud Trial Begins Against Former Wyoming Legislator

Laramie, WY – Opening arguments were held Tuesday in a fraud trial against a former state legislator from Laramie. Terry Guice, who served in the House and Senate, is accused of defrauding a construction company out of over $50,000. Prosecutor Tory Racines told the jury that Terry Guice created a sham company, TLG Supply, to bill to a construction company doing road work north of Laramie. Racines says Guice conspired with the superintendent on the job to create a slew of dummy orders for products that were never delivered to the construction site. The prosecution says Guice has been unable to provide receipts to show the he actually had the items he supposedly sold to the construction company. Defense Attorney Michael Krampner used his opening statement to bring up questions about the alleged co-conspirator, Phil Ostrosky. Krampner pointed out the fact that Ostrosky spent time in jail for robbery and drug crimes, and that he'd created a number of enemies on job sites where he was the superintendent. Krampner also pointed out orders that were Ostrosky picked up from a hardware store and an auto part store. Krampner says these were real sales, just like from Guice's company, but that they also never ended up at the job site. The trial is expected to last into early next week.