Fremont County limits hours at some garbage transfer stations

Jun 6, 2012


This month, Fremont County changed the way it runs several municipal solid waste transfer stations in rural areas.

Previously, residents could drop off their waste any time, day or night, and they paid their fees on the honor system. But Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District Superintendent Andy Frey says not everyone followed the rules.

“Historically we’ve had a lot of illegal dumping, lack of payment, vandalism, destruction of property.”

Frey says under the new system, seven county transfer stations will be open and staffed to receive trash a few days a month. The prices for carloads of household trash will remain about the same. Frey says there will be no change in the frequency of the trash being transported from transfer stations to county landfills. The stations will also begin collecting materials to recycle.

Frey will discuss the changes with residents of Atlantic City tomorrow night/tonight at the Miner’s Delight Inn dining room at 6:30 p.m.

Transfer station schedules and information is available at