Fremont County West Nile Hot Spot

Laramie, Wy – The hot spot for West Nile Virus in the state this year is Fremont County. And Wyoming's top West Nile watcher says the spike in West Nile infections in Fremont County might have something to do with the county's sparse spraying program.
Terry Creekmore is Wyoming's West Nile virus coordinator. He says outside of Riverton and Lander, there isn't much spraying in Fremont County.
That, combined with the hottest summer in a hundred years in the county, might explain why West Nile cases have spiked in Fremont County.
This year, Wyoming has confirmed 43 human infections of West Nile, with 31 of those in Fremont County.
That's up from just 12 cases and two deaths statewide in 2005 and just 10 cases statewide in 2004.
Fremont County Commission Chairman Pat Hickerson says the county has worked hard to eliminate sites where mosquitoes might breed, collecting old tires that can collect water for mosquito eggs. The county also is considering more spraying in the future, he said.