Fremont Deaths Skyrocket

Lander, Wy – The Fremont County coroner is seeking more
funding to keep pace with the county's high death rate from
accidents, homicides and suicides.
Ed McAuslan is Fremont County Coroner. He recently submitted a
report to county commissioners saying that the county's homicide
and suicide rates are more than four times the national average.
And he says the county's accidental death rate is more than twice
the national average.
McAuslan says that his office has handled 60 cases in the first
two and one-half months of this year. At that rate, he says it's on
track to log 250 cases for the year. That would exceed the annual
average of 200 cases a year the county has seen in recent years.
McAuslan's proposed budget for the coming fiscal year is just
over 263-thousand dollars. The budget for the current fiscal year
is just over 210-thousand dollars.
McAuslan is also recommending that the county consider hiring a
forensic pathologist to perform autopsies in the county. The county
currently sends bodies to Colorado for autopsies.