Freudenthal Announces For Reelection

Thermopolis, Wyoming – Governor Freudenthal says the reception
has been remarkable at three campaign stops across the state where
he announced he would seek a second term as governor today
Speaking first in his hometown of Thermopolis, Freudenthal said
he's confident that Wyoming has moved in the right direction since
he took office.
Later in the day, Freudenthal also spoke to crowds in Casper and
Freudenthal, a Democrat, says he's been successful in his first
term at putting partisanship aside and working with the
Republican-controlled Legislature.
He emphasized he has worked with people and appointed them into
positions in his administration regardless of their political
Before his election as governor in 2002, Freudenthal had worked
as U-S attorney for Wyoming.
Republican Ray Hunkins has announced he will seek the Republican
nomination to run for governor.