Freudenthal Blasts USDA

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthalis blasting the U-S Department of Agriculture.
Freudenthal says the U-S-D-A is considering a rule change that
would allow the federal agency to consider whether wildlife have
brucellosis or other diseases in deciding whether to classify
livestock from the state as being disease-free.
Brucellosi is a bacterial disease that can cause pregnant cows, bison and elk to abort their fetuses.
Freudenthal wrote to U-S Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns this
week saying that Wyoming won't put up with any federal agency
trying to tell the state how to manage its wildlife.
Jim Rogers is spokesman for the U-S-D-A. He says the agency will
NOT respond to Freudenthal's letter until Johanns himself writes
The U-S-D-A in September declared Wyoming's cattle herds to be
free of brucellosis. The state had lost its brucellosis-free status
in 2003 when the disease was found in a cattle herd near Pinedale
that was close to an elk feedground.