Freudenthal defends state stance On Wolves

LARAMIE, wyo – As he leaves office, Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal continues to defend the way the state has fought the federal government over wolf management. The feds have said that the state could take over wolf management if wolves were treated as trophy game throughout the state. The governor says he will leave office believing that federal officials have no right to tell Wyoming how to manage wolves .

"We could roll over and do everything they want," says Freudenthal. "But should we do it is a different question. And should we do it with state money? And that's where I diverge. It's not that I don't see the way they want us to do it. The question is do I want to spend state money on it and state resources on it and at this point the answer is no."

Freudenthal says he is pleased that Wyoming won the latest round in federal court over its wolf management plan. It allows wolves to be shot on sight outside of a protected zone in northwest Wyoming. But the governor says he is not sure if this issue will get resolved anytime soon.