Freudenthal, N. Arapaho Reach Agreement on Service Contracts

Cheyenne, WY – The state and the Northern Arapaho Tribe
have reached a compromise on how to resolve any disputes that might occur over contracts the two enter into on such things as child-protective services.
Governor Freudenthal credited Northern Arapaho chairman Richard Brannan with suggesting the compromise language.
The state and tribe have had a long-standing disagreement over whether federal, state or tribal court would be the proper venue to resolve any contract disputes between them. The tribe has
contracted with the state to provide child-protective services, health care and emergency preparedness for the tribe.
Under the compromise, any contract dispute between the state and tribe would first be submitted to mediators chosen by both sides. If mediation does not resolve the disagreement, it will be submitted to an unspecified court.
Freudenthal says the compromise essentially leaves the court question open for now but provides a way to solve disputes.