Freudenthal Opposes E-Mail Legislation

Casper, WY – Governor Freudenthal is opposed to a bill that would allow lawmakers and other public employees to delete e-mails that they feel do NOT contribute to the public debate. Wyoming's current open records law classifies e-mail the same way as letters, faxes and other written communications. That means public officials must keep their e-mail. A proposed piece of legislation would allow officials to delete e-mail they feel aren't essential. Freudenthal spoke on the topic today at a meeting of the Wyoming Press Association in Casper. He says that government workers ought to be required to disclose everything, and he doesn't support changing the law. Supporters of the bill include Senate President Grant Larson, who says he gets 50 to 60 e-mails a day. He says he ought to be able to delete some of those, including e-mails from constituents, which he believes should be confidential.