Freudenthal Pleased With Win

Cheyenne, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal says his decisive victory over Republican
challenger Ray Hunkins is proof the public is satisfied with the
direction of the state over the past four years.
And Freudenthal says it also shows that Wyoming voters don't
want to see the state embrace the Washington-style politics that he
says Hunkins and the state Republican Party used against him.
Unofficial results show Freudenthal received 70 percent of the
vote, while Hunkins received 30 percent.
The Wyoming Republican Party requested records from state
agencies about such subjects as the governor's use of state
airplanes and his family's lobbying activities. The party used some
information to run advertisements against Freudenthal.
Hunkins says he wasn't involved in the records request effort,
but Freudenthal says Hunkins didn't distance himself from it.
Hunkins says he's surprised that Freudenthal would accuse him of
running a negative campaign, and says it's a false accusation.
Hunkins says he ran a positive camp