Freudenthal pushes focus on student achievement

Laramie, Wyo. – The Governor wants legislators to make sure that Wyoming's funding for education is serving its purpose. Governor Dave Freudenthal says Wyoming puts more money per student into education than almost any other state, but that test scores remain too low and dropout rates too high.

This year the legislature is reviewing the school funding model. Freudenthal urges that the legislature use this opportunity to improve education. "We ought to go through the funding model and look and see what is actually contributing and assisting in reaching the outcomes we want in the classroom and what isn't," he said. "And be very analytical. Because ultimately the future of this state, the future of this country, the future of our children is dependent on them having the kind of quality education that we are paying for."

Freudenthal points out that he is not recommending funding cuts, nor is he bashing teachers. But he is concerned that Wyoming normally receives a national grade of A for funding, but a C or C-minus for performance in the classroom.