Freudenthal Pushes Sales Tax Relief

Cheyenne, WY – During his State of the State message Monday morning, Governor Dave Freudenthal suggested that Legislators reduce the state sales tax by a half percent. Freudenthal noted that several tax relief proposals before lawmakers to both help citizens pay high utility costs and to return some of the budget surplus to residents. But he told legislators that in 1995 the addition of the 4th cent sales tax was only supposed to be temporary. Freudenthal says with the states financial position, government officials are in no position to tell the public that tax relief is not appropriate. He says this measure would put $73 million into the taxpayers' pockets. Freudenthal says legislators can reduce the sales tax by half a percent without the two thirds vote normally required in budget sessions. In his speech, Freudenthal also offered support for enhanced funding for among other items: education, water and wildlife, children and families and local government.