Freudenthal releases budget

Cheyenne, WY – Governor Dave Freudenthal today unveiled his budget recommendations for the next two years.

The governor says the state has about as much money as it did two years ago, but there has been a significant increase in ongoing spending. He points to the Department and Health and Community Colleges as two areas that now need more funding every year.

He says this means he had less discretion over what he could spend money on, but he did not have to cut any budgets. What they didn't get was everything they asked for," Freudenthal says. "I say that because people call in and say, 'You cut the community college budget.' No, I didn't cut their budget, what I didn't do is give them an affirmative recommendation on everything they asked for.

Freudenthal says he reduced requests from virtually every agency, but he says the state is still in an enviable position.