Freudenthal Responds To Hunkins Challenge

Cheyenne, Wy – Republican gubernatorial candidate Ray
Hunkins says he will turn over all his campaign's credit card bills
to the state if Governor Dave Freudenthal's campaign does the same
Hunkins says that if credit card records are going to be an
issue in the campaign, both sides ought to show exactly how they're
spending their money.
Freudenthal's camp initially said today (Wednesday) that it
would reject Hunkins' challenge. But they changed course later in
the day, saying that they would indeed be filing their own credit
card information with the secretary of state.
Yesterday (Tuesday), Freudenthal's campaign filed a complaint
with Secretary of State Joe Meyer charging that Hunkins' two recent
campaign financial reports are too vague to allow close scrutiny.
The governor's campaign asked Meyer to require Hunkins to file
new, more detailed reports. Meyer has asked the Wyoming Attorney
General's office for advice on how to respond.