Freudenthal shocked by Illinois Governor

Cheyenne, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal says news of the Illinois governor's plan to put a vacant U-S senate seat up for sale was the most bizarre and offensive thing he's ever seen.
In his weekly press conference, Freudenthal said the alleged behavior of Governor Rod Blagojevich was simply unbelievable. "What kind of a mindset brings you to the point that you actually believe having those kinds of conversations is even imaginable, let alone remotely appropriate?"
Freudenthal says he understands the movement in Illinois to call for a special election. He says anyone appointed by the governor would go to Washington under a cloud of suspicion. Meanwhile, Freudenthal said he was proud of the way U-S Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is handling the case. Freudenthal is a former U-S attorney he says he was pleased that Fitzgerald made it clear that President-elect Barack Obama was not linked to the investigation.