Freudenthal Skeptical Of Tri-State Wolf Committee

LARAMIE, wyo – Governor Dave Freudenthal says he's skeptical of a three-state committee which aims to rewrite Wyoming's wolf law to satisfy the federal government.

The Tri-State Wolf committee is made up of lawmakers from Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and aims to have wolves removed from the endangered species list.

Currently, Montana and Idaho manage wolves as trophy game, but Wyoming has refused to budge from its position of calling wolves predators and allowing them to be shot in sight everywhere, except around Yellowstone National Park. A position Freudenthal continues to support.

"The notion that they're gathering together to help Wyoming re-write its statute - all I can say is that you're going to need some liberal Republican governor because it ain't gonna happen on my watch," says Freudenthal. "Our statute is just fine."

A judge recently ruled that for wolves to be taken off the endangered species list, all three states must agree on a management plan that passes federal guidelines. The judge said Wyoming's plan was the sticking point.