Freudenthal snipes at both political parties

Casper, Wyo. – Gov. Dave Freudenthal had harsh words for both political parties Friday, saying their poor performance has left Wyoming is hurting for good ideas on how to run the state.

Freudenthal addressed the Wyoming Press Association annual meeting in Casper. He said the Democratic Party in the state is defunct, while members of the Republican Party won't run against each other.

Freudenthal said the situation means there's not a competitive marketplace of ideas on how to run the state.

Fred Parady is chairman of Wyoming Republican Party. He says that it's not true Republicans won't run against each other.

And Parady says the Republican-dominated state Legislature has pushed through plenty of good ideas, such as the state's Hathaway Scholarship Program which allows qualified Wyoming graduates to attend either the state university or one of the community colleges.

Bill Luckett is communications director for the Wyoming Democratic Party. He says he disagrees with Freudenthal's characterization of his party as defunct.

Luckett says the Democratic Party in Wyoming is more organized than it's been in many years.