Freudenthal wants more federal dollars for highways

Laramie, WY – Wyoming's Governor does not support putting much more of the state's money into interstate highway projects. Because of cuts in federal funding, a legislative committee has been considering options to put more money into highways... like Interstate 80.

But Governor Dave Freudenthal says he mainly supports funding non-interstate highways: "What that is, is an offloading of a federal obligation onto the states. And one more time we are taking money that ought to be used for education, the University of Wyoming and even the support of public radio... and allocating it to meeting what is a fundamentally federal function."

U.S. Senator John Barrasso currently serves on the committee that funds highways. The Governor says it is Barrasso's obligation to work with other members of Congress to make sure the interstates are paid for. President Elect Barak Obama has listed increased highway funding as something the government must do for states.