Freudenthal Worried About Montana Water Regs

Cheyenne, Wy – The governor of Wyoming has asked the
Environmental Protection Agency to reject water quality rules
proposed by the state of Montana.
Governor Dave Freudenthal says the Montana rules would severely limit natural gas production in Wyoming. He
wants the E-P-A to appoint a mediator to resolve the issue between
the two states.
But Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer says his state intends to
stick by its rules. And he says that he's disappointed Freudenthal
took the issue to federal regulators.
Gas producers pump water from the ground during the production
of coal-bed methane. Much of the water is allowed to flow into
rivers and streambeds.
Montana has expressed concern about the quality of the water
that's flowing into the state from Wyoming. Montana has proposed
water quality regulations that Wyoming officials say would force a
reduction in its gas production.