Game and Fish Unveils Grizzly Plan Changes to Commission

Torrington, WY – A new proposal is out that talks about how grizzly bears will be managed in specific portions of western Wyoming after delisting.
Concerns were raised about the grizzly management plan adopted in 2002 and exactly what will happen inside the boundary that was established then. This new plan marks off the area where grizzly presence is biologically suitable and socially acceptable.
John Emmerich with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department says he thinks it's a good compromise.
Seeing the map Game and Fish has created is the best way to understand how management will occur in each specific area. To answer any questions and clear up any confusion, there will be 11 public meetings on this proposal. The first batch of meetings is November 15th through the 18th, in Green River, Afton, Jackson, and Pinedale respectively.