Gaming Laws To Be Revamped

Cody, Wyoming –
State Representative Pat Childers continues to believe that allowing non profits to have electronic bingo and similar games is ok, but where to draw the line still needs to be sorted out. The Cody Republican will chair a sub-committee looking at numerous gambling issues facing the state, including whether or not to develop a Gaming Commission. Several County Attorneys and the Attorney Generals office have ruled that Electronic Bingo and similar operations are not allowed under Wyoming law. But the general feeling is that Wyoming's Gambling laws trump one and other. Childers says if they can fix the laws, he's hopeful that at the very least, non profit groups would be given the go ahead to re-open the electronic bingo operations that were forced to shut down.Childers thinks they can quickly move forward with legislation setting up a gaming commission, but he admits that addressing the other laws could take more time.