Gas Tax Support Could Fade

Riverton, Wy – Supporters of increasing the Wyoming gas tax to pay for more four land roads in the state may need to find another idea. With rising gas prices in Wyoming and the rest of the country, it's possible that the idea of a five cent increase in the gas tax could lead to people storming the capitol building with torches. Senate Revenue Committee Chairman Bob Peck admits that the politics of such an increase appear to make such a tax hike remote. But Peck contends that even with an increased tax, it's possible that prices would not increase. He notes that many neighboring states with higher taxes, have cheaper gas then parts of Wyoming. Supporters of increasing the states portion of the gas tax, say it would be the quickest way to find money to pay for more passing lanes and actual four lane highways in the state. Peck has already had conversations with Senators about finding another alternative.