'Gasland 2,' a documentary about fracking issues, premiers this weekend

Apr 19, 2013

‘Gasland 2’, a sequel to the 2010 documentary ‘Gasland,’ premiers this weekend in New York City. The original film focused on land owners alleging that oil and gas development on their land contaminated their water sources. The movie is thought to have brought the terms ‘fracking’ into the mainstream. The films’ director, Josh Fox, says the sequel investigates how government and regulatory agencies have dealt with what affected land owners say is contamination by industry.

“We took a look at what happens with the PEA, what happens with state agencies, we take a look at what happens with some of the families through that fight. And lo and behold, what we find is very very similar results and you have to watch this film because it’s really quite thrilling to do this political investigation,” says Fox.

Industry has said that the film is sensational and not factual.  It’s been seen by an estimated 50 million viewers worldwide. The film will tour the country after its premier and will air on HBO sometime this summer.