Gastroenteritis breaks out in Natrona County, Health Dept. investigates local restaurant

Dec 13, 2012

The Natrona County health department is investigating and outbreak of a gastrointestinal illness, often known as the “stomach flu.”

State epidemiologist Tracy Murphy says several people who have reported the problem had eaten at the same Casper restaurant, but he declined to name the restaurant until the county has wrapped up its investigation. Murphy says it it’s premature to blame the outbreak on food poisoning.

“It gets passed around very easily. It can get passed around on people’s hands, it can be in the environment, in schools and workplaces and such,” Murphy says. “And it’s quite possible that around many venues in town, it could be spread as well.”

Murphy says people should be careful to wash their hands frequently to avoid the virus, and to stay home while they’re sick.

He adds that anyone who suspects a foodborne illness from a restaurant should call their local health department.