Gay marriage advocates protest at Wyoming Capitol

Cheyenne, Wyo. – Supporters of gay marriage rallied in front of the State Capitol on Wednesday in opposition to a bill that is intended to keep Wyoming from recognizing same-sex marriages and civil unions. Minister and former state official Rodger McDaniel and his wife of 34 years told the gathering that they are strongly in support of marriage, which is why they decided to shred their marriage license.

McDaniel said their marriage license would become a tool of discrimination, if the bill becomes law. He also said the bill flies in the face of Wyoming's motto: The Equality State. Jeran Artery of the group Wyoming Equality said he has asked many legislators why the bill is needed, and received little response. He said to him the reason is simple. "What it does is takes a group of minorities and says you can't have what everybody else has," he said. "And folks I am here to tell you that is wrong."

The protest drew about seventy people. A handful of counter-protestors gathered across the street, showing support for the legislation. The Senate gave HB74 preliminary approval Wednesday afternoon.