Gillette Case Continues Has New Twist

Gillette, Wy – A Gillette man charged last week with
arranging the murder of a teenager who was scheduled to testify in
the man's sex crimes trial is now also charged with murdering
another man.
Campbell County prosecutors on Saturday announced they have
filed first-degree murder and conspiracy charges against Kent Alan
Proffit, Senior, age 42, in the connection with the slaying of
Jeremy Forquer, age 19, in Gillette in October.
Police arrested Proffit on Wednesday in Sheridan and charged him
with conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the slaying
last month of Bryce Chavers, age 16.
At the time of his death, Chavers had been scheduled to testify
at Proffit's December 12 trial on eight counts of sexual assault of
a minor. Chavers was found shot to death in his home on November
On Saturday, Campbell County Attorney Jeani Stone announced her
office has filed separate first-degree murder charges against
Proffit and two teenagers in connection with Forquer's death.
Another teenager is charged with being an accessory after the fact
to first-degree murder in Forquer's death.
Two of the teenagers charged in Forquer's death -- Jacob
Martinez and Christopher Hicks both age 19 -- were also charged
this week with first-degree murder in Chavers' death.
The other teen charged with being an accessory after the fact in
Forquer's death is Michael Seiser, age 15.
According to a sworn statement from Campbell County Sheriff's
Investigator Eric Seeman, Martinez told his jailers he wanted to
speak with Seeman on Friday.
Seeman stated that Martinez told him that he had information
about a murder that occurred before Chavers was killed. Martinez
then led investigators to Forquer's body along Interstate 90 in
Johnson County, Seeman stated.
Martinez told Seeman that Martinez and Hicks had strangled
Forquer at a Gillette mobile home park. Martinez said that before
Forquer's death, Proffit had said that one of the teenagers was an
informant and would have to die.
Martinez said he went with Proffit, Hicks and Seiser and
disposed of Forquer's body along the highway.
In earlier statements to investigators this week, Martinez has
said he and Hicks had agreed to kill Chavers for Proffit because
they feared retribution from Proffit for a botched marijuana deal.

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