Gillette city council votes down gun ban

Gillette, WY – The Gillette City Council will not ban the public from openly carrying weapons within government buildings - at least not for now. That was the result of a vote by the council Monday night. City Attorney Charlie Anderson says the proposed ordinance would have been more restrictive than state statute, but would not have gone beyond what is permitted by state law. And he says other cities and counties in Wyoming are grappling with the issue of openly-carried firearms.
"Sweetwater and Park County have both sought Attorney General's opinions on the ability of the county governments to enact bans on bringing firearms into courthouses in one case and into the recreation center in another case."
The proposal was one part of a larger measure intended to make the Gillette City Code comport with a new state law regarding concealed carry. That law goes into effect in July, and will allow concealed carry without a permit. However, it does include some restrictions on the possession of concealed firearms within government buildings.