Gillette hospital plans expansion

Gillette, WY – The hospital in Gillette is going to expand. The board approved a nearly 60 million dollar project to build a new two-story building, a parking garage and a heli pad, and to do renovations.

Hospital CEO Bob Morasko says that there had been a larger plan that would have cost over 100 million dollars. He says the economy was one of a few factors in the decision to go with a scaled down expansion: "Gillette's economy is still pretty robust, maybe not as robust as it was last year, but even during this last year we experienced a growth of 1600 people in Gillette. So, the biggest thing that played a role in it was our strategic planning where we want to be able to do something with our long term care facility eventually."

Morasko says the scaled-back expansion will address the hospital's needs, and that its design allows for future construction if that becomes necessary.