Gillette Residents Debate Future Location of Long-Term Care Facility

Aug 20, 2012

A group of Gillette residents is hoping to put an end to a long dispute over where a long term care facility should be located. 

The state-of-the-art facility is supported by the community and state, but while some in the community want it located at the site of the former recreation center, a group of community members are pushing to have it placed across the street from Campbell County Memorial Hospital where some former school facilities were located. 

Tom Johnson of the group For All Of Us-Citizens United says the recreation center would be a poor location.

“If they move it to the old rec site, it’s on the most heavily trafficked corridor in Gillette, it’s heaviest traffic corridor in all of Gillette.  And that’s not the place to spend your golden years, that’s the fast lane.”

Johnson’s group wants the City Council to agree to put it in an abandoned school site across the street from Campbell County Memorial Hospital near similar facilities.

“There will be walking paths and greenery, with an opportunity for ancillary facilities for geriatric care all around it.  And it’s adjacent to the hospital and it’s adjacent to the Senior Center.” 

The meeting is tonight at seven in the Gillette City Council chambers.