Gillette’s Avenues of Art

Apr 30, 2012

The City of Gillette created the Mayor's Art Council in 2003 to oversee and implement a program for the development and placement of public art within the Gillette community. Its mission is "to create a more visually pleasing environment and expand the opportunities for residents and visitors to experience quality works of art in public places."

During the first year, the Mayor's Art Council implemented a program called Avenues of Art, and they are now in their seventh year. The Mayor’s Art Council features new sculptures from around the country, introducing viewers to many artistic approaches.

The Gillette City Council, City Staff, Greg's Welding, Inc., Van Ewing Construction, JLC Sign Systems, Exley Fencing, Inc., and Radix Construction have contributed to the Avenues of Art Program.

View the 2011 Avenues of Art Brochure.

For more information, please visit the City of Gillette’s web site: