Gillette Store Raided Again

Laramie, Wy – A Gillette store owner got a double dose of bad news yesterday this week.
First, a judge ruled that more than 300 items seized from his store last year are drug paraphernalia and subject to forfeiture.
Then, immediately after the trial, police raided the store again, seizing more than 25-hundred new items of alleged drug paraphernalia.
Jeffery Doles owns the Hip Hop Hippie. He says it caters to tobacco users. He'd been open less than two weeks when police raided the store. When Doles reopened, police raided him again.
In all, they seized some 330 items of alleged drug paraphernalia and charged Doles with two counts of possession of paraphernalia with intent to distribute.
In January, a jury deliberated only 30 minutes before finding Doles NOT guilty on both counts.
But authorities filed a civil forfeiture action. And yesterday, District Judge Michael Deegan ruled that the items were, in fact, paraphernalia - Doles' acquittal notwithstanding.
As soon as the civil forfeiture trial was over, police raided the store again. NO word on whether Doles faces criminal charges this time.