Global Warming Could Harm Teton Tourism

Wash., D.C. – Today on Capitol Hill, lawmakers considered the impact of global warming on outdoor recreation. At a Senate Environmental Committee Hearing, experts testified that Wyoming's ski resorts could be in trouble. Michael Berry is President of the National Ski Area Association. He told lawmakers that the ski industry in Wyoming and around the country is being directly impacted by global warming. "We in fact are the canary in the cage," he said. Shorter ski seasons and a shrinking snow pack could cost Wyoming millions of dollars. Tim O'donahue Directs the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. He says winter recreation accounts for 200 million dollars in Teton County. He recommends ski resorts and other state businesses diversify the activities offered. "So that they can sustain their business and not be so largely impacted by warming temperatures or drying conditions," he said. But O'Donahue and those testifying on the hill say the only real solution is to slow down global warming.