Golf Proposal Moves Forward

Laramie, Wy – Plans to expand Laramie's Jacoby Golf course and build several new homes on the site continue to move forward. During further discussion on the plan, President Tom Buchanan says he has brought in some third parties to make sure things are going smoothly and to insure that U-W is not at any risk. Buchanan says he believes the University really has more to gain then lose. Laramie Trustee Warren Lauer believes the project could be a benefit, but he also wants to make sure they keep a close eye on things. Lauer especially worries that U-W will end up putting a lot of money into the project, despite claims that the cost to the University will be minimal. Trustee Peggy Rounds is also concerned about U-W's image if the project falls apart. But University consultants say that U-W has much more to gain then lose. The plan is to build a new 18 hole golf course and a housing development on some current and donated University property. The current Golf course will also have housing and be reduced to a nine hole course. Plans to build are scheduled for next summer.