Good economic news, for once

Laramie, WY – For the first time since last November, an economic indicator in Wyoming has gone up. A survey of supply managers in the state focused on indicators like new orders, production, inventory and employment. It found that some of those are doing better than they have in recent months.

Ernie Goss, the director of the Goss Institute for Economic Research says the result points to somewhat healthier months ahead for Wyoming's economy: "I think we're seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel. That's good, but I have to warn it isn't a big light though. We're still going to see rising unemployment rate and job losses, though we're going to see the pace of those job losses coming down."

Goss says he thinks Wyoming entered the recession later than the rest of the country, but he expects it to come out of the recession at the same time. He says Wyoming is better off because the housing industry here did not take a big hit.