GOP: Freudenthal gets credit for GOP successes

Cheyenne, Wyo. – The Republican Party's newly appointed chairwoman for Wyoming says she believes that Gov. Dave Freudenthal's popularity rides on taking credit for the achievements of the Republican-dominated state Legislature and other Republican officials.

Republican Party Chairman Diana Vaughan and GOP Executive Director Amy Larimer both say that Freudenthal takes credit for
Republican accomplishments.

Vaughan and Larimer point out that the governor gets to sign into law popular measures such as the state's Hathaway Scholarship program. They say that makes it seem to the public as though he's
the one getting things done, when it's really Republicans who are
doing the work.

Freudenthal responds that he and his administration don't consider political party lines in working on issues for the state. He says he regards his relationship with elected Republicans as being part of a team moving down the road together.