Gov Gets Praise After Year in Office

Cheyenne, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal has just completed his first year in office, and overall, he's received high marks.
Sarah Gorin of the Equality State Policy Center says Freudenthal has brought an enthusiasm that hasn't been seen in a long time.
Republican Bill Sniffin says the man who became governor is 100 percent identical to the man who ran for governor.
Sniffin says Freudenthal is a fiscal conservative who appeals to Republicans and much as Democrats.
He says that quality is mandatory for a Democrat to get anything done in Wyoming.
Freudenthal was an underdog in both the 2002 Democratic primary and the general election, but emerged victorious by less than four-thousand votes.
He told The Associated Press that he doesn't know yet if it's a fun job, but he says it's clearly an honor to serve as governor.