Gov. Mead does not expect to propose more Juvenile Justice legislation in 2012

Oct 31, 2011

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead says it is doubtful that his office will propose legislation for the 2012 session on how the state should handle Juvenile offenders. Some reports have claimed that Wyoming incarcerates more Juveniles than any other state. Governor Mead says his office is trying to verify that information and is closely looking at good practices that are taking place in some of the counties in the state. Mead says it has been a difficult issue to resolve, but he does want to find a solution.
"Those kids who make mistakes where we can provide alternatives to get them on the right track, that is not only good for the individual that is in fact good for the state of Wyoming. Because of the cost to the criminal justice system in terms of dollars, not to mention human misery, is a lot."
Recently a legislative committee was told that it could cost 500-thousand dollars for the state to create a proper Juvenile data base. However, County prosecutors have objected to the state developing a unified court system for juveniles.