Gov. Mead Optimistic about Coal Prospects After China Trip

Jul 2, 2012

In a press conference Friday, Gov. Matt Mead spoke about his trip to China for the Third Advanced Coal Technologies Conference. Mead said that in one panel he learned that General Electric has a number of coal gasification projects that are online in China, with more on deck, and there’s a lot to gain from those projects.


“One is, we can certainly learn from what has been done over in China. Two, we know what’s doable. And three, as we looked at what China’s doing, it can be done, we know it can be done, and we look forward to that opportunity in the state of Wyoming and we hope that we have the opportunity also to learn from everything they did well, any mistakes that they made, and to improve upon it when we have one of those projects in Wyoming,” said Mead.


The High Plains Gasification Project, which was being developed in a partnership between GE and the University of Wyoming is currently on hold due to uncertainty in federal energy policy.


Mead also said that he’s written to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson regarding his disapproval of recently released rules for coal fired plants.