Gov. Mead's Supplemental Budget Features No New Cuts

Nov 30, 2016

Governor Matt Mead
Credit Bob Beck

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead unveiled a mostly flat supplemental budget that features no new budget cuts.

The governor is proposing limited spending, using only a small portion of the legislature’s rainy day fund for things like Title 25 that addresses those with mental health issues, and a contingency fund for corrections. He put forth bonding as a way to fix problems with the prison in Rawlins.  

Mead is also proposing using $2.5 million of the general fund to help pay for his plan to diversify the Wyoming economy. Some lawmakers were hoping that Mead would propose more budget cuts in addition to the $317 million that were already made this year. The governor said during a news conference that more cuts would harm the top agencies.

“They have already taken substantial cuts. The Department of Health has taken $90 million plus another $43 million of federal cuts, there is just not a lot left there to cut.”

The governor is supporting funding for such things as the University of Wyoming Science Initiative and two new community college buildings, as well as one time money for the University to attract new students. He will present his budget to the legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee in mid-December.