Gov Says Fed's Wolf Proposal Is 'Procedural Victory'

Laramie, WY – Governor Dave Freudenthal says the latest federal wolf proposal does not have everything he asked for, but it's going in the right direction on the interim rules, called "10-J."

"It is a procedural victory in the sense that we now have movement on the 10-J issue, the content is different from what we asked for. That may be within the administrative discretion of the agency to set the content. All we were trying to do was force them to act," he said.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to make it easier to kill wolves in order to protect game animals, like elk. States would only have to show that wolves were a major cause of a decline in elk numbers, rather than the primary cause.

The governor says he wanted to be able to remove problem wolves earlier than the latest proposal allows.