Gov. Signs Property Tax Refund Bill

Laramie, WY – Gov. Dave Freudenthal has signed into law a bill that extends a property tax refund program for needy residents.

Freudenthal signed the bill into law today but also criticized the Legislature for not doing more to give citizens property tax relief.

The bill Freudenthal signed extends an unpopular property tax refund program that had expired at the first of the year. The program requires citizens to show proof of their income and establish that they're needy to qualify for refunds.

The refund program has proven unpopular since it first went into effect in 2003.

Rep. Rodney "Pete" Anderson, a Republican from Pine Bluffs, is chairman of the House Revenue Committee. The committee sponsored the bill to extend the refund program.

Anderson says he disagrees with the governor's criticism. He points out that Freudenthal had asked lawmakers to enact a
tax-break that would have benefited only citizens over age 65.

Anderson emphasized that the measure the Legislature approved
gives tax breaks to all needy state residents.