Governor candidates continue to debate health care

Laramie, Wy – A question about health care pointed up differences between the major party candidates for governor at a debate on the U-W campus last night. Republican candidate Matt Mead was asked how he would address escalating health insurance costs in the state. And he said a health care pilot project that's in its early stages could offer direction.
"It's designed for us to be able to see how we can control costs, that's number one. And number two continue to address issues such as pre-existing conditions - people who can't afford insurance. That in my mind is the right way to go, versus the cookie-cutter approach that Obamacare puts on Wyoming."
But Democratic candidate Leslie Petersen said there's no way that pilot project can be understood as a substitute for health insurance.
"I like our pilot project, but it isn't even an insurance project. All it is is a benefit package, really. And we may learn some things about containing health care costs with that pilot project. But it certainly is never going to take the place of Medicaid."
Petersen also said she does not support Mead's position that Wyoming should join a lawsuit to try to repeal the new health care act. Libertarian candidate Mike Wheeler said the federal health care law does nothing to cut costs, and should be nullified.