Governor Freudenthal announces he will not seek 3rd term

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal has made it official. He will not run for re election in 2010.
"I suspect this statement comes as no surprise to observers of the Wyoming political scene. The more important purpose of today is for Nancy and me to thank the Wyoming citizens for allowing us to serve as your governor and first lady".
Freudenthal says he made the decision around Christmas after consulting with his family. He admits that part of the reason he waited to make his decision public was that he wanted the legislature to finish the majority of its work this session. And so he would not be considered a lame duck
"If you notice the announcement comes right after the budget. Plus, I gotta give these legislators something to worry about. What is he really up to? What is he doing? Why did he offer that bill."
The governor says he has no plans to play a role in the campaign for his replacement. He also says has no definite future plans.