Governor Freudenthal cautiously supportive of in-situ uranium mining

Laramie, WY – Governor Dave Freudenthal says he is not in favor of a moratorium on in-situ uranium mining in the state. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay reports that the governor says he is keeping an eye on the emerging industry.

In-situ uranium mining involves pumping water into the ground to get uranium out. It is garnering more interest as uranium prices climb and as interest in nuclear energy resurfaces. The company operating the only existing mine -- Cameco Resources - has been fined heavily by the state for environmental violations, and a citizens' group is calling for a temporary moratorium on further mining. Governor Freudenthal says he doesn't support that.
"But, if we ended up with another huge difficulty like we had a few years ago, I might have to rethink it, because that was not good."
Freudenthal says the state deserves some of the blame for lax oversight of the existing mine. He says regulation is more vigorous now. The citizen's group main concern is the impact the mining has on water supplies.
For Wyoming Public Radio I'm Renny MacKay.