Governor Freudenthal presents his final budget

Cheyenne, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal made his final budget presentation before the legislature's Joint Appropriations committee Tuesday.
While noting that the legislature needs to remain conservative with its spending, Governor Dave Freudenthal is asking for pay increases for state and college employees and he wants the legislature to consider funding a number of economic development initiatives.
The governor also defended giving highways and local governments 50 million dollars each in permanent in funding. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rosie Berger said the governor's budget wisely looks to the future.
"Continue to make the economy more robust. How can we take care of our employees while looking at how can we take care of our schools how can we maintain operations."
Berger calls the budget a good start. Cheyenne Republican Amy Edmonds says she is looking forward to hearing from Governor-elect Matt Mead to see how his priorities compare with governor Freudenthal.