Governor frustrated with school oversight

Cheyenne, Wyo. – Governor Dave Freudenthal continues to be disappointed in a legislative committee that is reviewing the funding model that pays for education. The Governor wants the committee to make districts accountable for how students perform and how schools spend money. But the Select Committee on Recalibration has instead decided to hire a consultant.

Freudenthal expressed frustration that the committee itself won't look into the issue because of time constraints. "Now we have time to spend a billion-four a year, but we don't have time to work on accountability," Freudenthal said. "Then to add to the mystery of it all, we are going to hire a consultant to help them work on accountability. Then we will have a world class accountability program kind of like we have a world class PAWS test."

Freudenthal said he wonders what IS important to the committee if they are not concerned about the results of spending over a billion dollars every year.