Governor hopes revenue numbers are stable

Cheyenne, Wy – State officials are awaiting the next round of revenue projections from Wyoming's consensus revenue estimating group. Called CREG the group is forecasting how much money lawmakers can spend or save during this upcoming legislative session. The report is expected by Thursday and many are wondering if it will show that the state has more money to spend. But Governor Dave Freudenthal says numbers he has seen tell him that not much has changed since the last report in October.
"I will be troubled shall we say if get one of those late spurts in revenue. I'm not convinced that's justified. To use an old sailing reference, steady as we goes is the way we ought to do this."
Freudenthal is being criticized by local government officials for opposing the idea of dipping into reserves to keep cities and counties from having to make budget reductions. But Freudenthal says it is best to be cautious with reserve funds until it is clear that the state's economy has turned around.